Who We Are

Our qualified team members are ready to help members and providers coordinate quality services.

We work with providers to ensure that the services our members receive fit with the expertise of the providers.

We seek to provide services that, while being fair and ethical, are both treatment and cost effective for consumers, taxpayers and third party payers.

We believe that compassion and consideration is of utmost importance.

We recognize that as we help each person, we help our families, our friends, and ourselves.

Madeleine Y. Gómez, Ph.D.

Madeleine Y. Gómez, Ph.D. is a bilingual, clinical psychologist.  She received her Ph.D. from Northwestern University Medical School.  She has many certifications. Dr. Gomez is a presenter and writer. She has worked in the managed care field for many years. Dr. Gómez works for human rights.  She supports non-violence and positive parenting.  She enjoys connecting people to mental health services.

Martin Paisner, M.D.

Martin Paisner, M.D. is an adult and adolescent psychiatrist as well as an addictionologist.  He is PsycHealth, Ltd.’s Medical Director. He completed residency at the University of Chicago.  Dr. Paisner graduated from the Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute.

He is a Director at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital. He belongs to many professional organizations.

Ernest Zambrano, MBA

Ernest Zambrano, MBA, CFO, joined PsycHealth in 1995.  He received his MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management.  He holds a B.S. in Marketing from Southern Illinois University. He directs the daily operations of the claims department.  He maintains the company records.  He also manages human resources.

Rose Kinney, RN, BSN

Rose Kinney, RN, BSN is PsycHealth’s Director of Quality Improvement.  As a professional in the field since 1985, she has held leadership positions in Medical Management, Utilization and Quality. Her certifications have included; ABQURP and IURP.

Sandra Valle

Sandra Valle is from Chicago Illinois, she has been helping members at PsycHealth, Ltd for 7 years. She directs the Customer Relations Department and is also a Professional Patient Advocate.

Bernita Ruggs

Bernita Ruggs is the Claims Supervisor at PscyHealth, Ltd.  She has been employed at PsycHealth for 2 years. With over 25 years of experience in the Managed Healthcare Industry she still loves assisting and educating providers and members and providing quality customer service.

Cathryn Shemroske

Cathryn Shemroske is PsycHealth’s Director of Provider Network Management. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Psychology from University of Illinois at Chicago.  Since 2008 she has been the administrator of a network of over 1,000 unique Behavioral Health Providers, Community Mental Health Agencies, DASA Organizations and FQHC’s.  She believes every client both internal and external should feel valued.

Jeffrey Teich, M.D.

Jeffrey Teich, M.D. graduated with honors from Princeton University in 1967.  In 1971 he graduated from Case Western Reserve Medical School, also with honors.  He is currently in private practice in Evanston and has long been on the staff of North Shore University Health Care System where he was the founder and director of the Chapman Center for substance abuse.   For many years Dr. Teich has been a consulting psychiatrist at The Allendale Association, a residential  treatment center for adolescents.

Reena R. Lopez, PPA

Reena R. Lopez, PPA, member of NASW, is the Screening and Intake Supervisor at PscyHealth, Ltd. She oversees a department of twelve bilingual staff members. Manages outpatient requests including authorizations, online portal, care coordination, and training at outpatient level. She is also fluent in Hindi, Spanish, Punjabi, and provides support to the language team at PsycHealth, Ltd. She is working on her Masters in Social Work.

Michael Heintz, PPA

Michael Heintz, PPA, serves as the Clinical Care Director at PscyHealth, Ltd. He joined PsycHealth in 2013 after a career in Telecommunications.  He received a BA from the University of St. Francis and has excelled in continued education courses at Columbia College and Malcom X. College. He has served as a volunteer for the Greater Chicago Food Depository, Facets Multimedia, and Providence Catholic High School.

Israel Cintron

Israel Cintron received a BA in Liberal Arts and Business from Truman Community College and works as the Corporate Support Manager at PscyHealth, Ltd. He has worked in the health industry for over 20 years. He is passionate about volunteering for the Hilda Frontany Community Center where he worked to empower sexual and physical assault victims and survivors. He has supported the work of the Human Rights Campaign for over 15 years and continues to support the right to safety and happiness of LGBTQ individuals.

Mark J. Johns, PsyD, CADC

Mark J. Johns, PsyD, CADC, serves as Director of Specialized Clinical Programs at PsycHealth, Ltd. Dr. Johns puts his 28 years of experience in the Mental Health field behind the development and coordination of services to diverse populations with targeted, complex and multi-level needs.  Dr. Johns’ private practice, through the Integrated Psychotherapy Center, LLC, is dedicated to Holistic Behavioral Health and Primary Care Psychology.  An esteemed member of the Adjunct Faculty at Adler University, Dr. Johns also teaches numerous graduate courses in psychology and is considered an expert in substance use disorders.

Bruce Gomez, MSW, LCSW

Bruce Gomez, MSW, LCSW, serves as the On-Call Director and Provider Quality Liaison, and he brings many years of clinical and administrative experience to PsycHealth, Ltd.  From licensed clinical social worker, to being the first Home Intervention Therapist for the now long running and award winning Home Intervention Program, to Utilization Review, Care Coordinator, and Director of Clinical Care Coordination, to his current role, Bruce has stepped in to fill many needs and roles as the company has grown and transitioned.  Additionally Mr. Gomez manages the 24 hrs/7 days a week OnCall service.  He is a seasoned clinician who maintains a small private practice in keeping with the direct clinical needs of members throughout the Chicagoland area.

Wanda Parker, EdD, CADC

Wanda Parker, EdD, CADC, serves as the Director of Clinical Care Processes and has 20 years of experience in the behavioral health field and 10 years in higher education.  Dr. Parker has worked as a director of a medical detoxification unit for 5 years while serving as an adjunct instructor for various institutions teaching Addiction Studies and Psychology classes.  Dr. Parker also worked for 3 years as a Director II for a social service organization that provided substance abuse treatment, physicals, case management, HIV testing and counseling for members with substance use disorders.  Dr. Parker became a certified addiction counselor in 2001 after completing an Advanced Certificate in Mental Health and Addiction Studies at Kennedy King College.  Dr. Parker completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Roosevelt University in 2006 and in 2009 completed a Master’s Degree at National Louis University in Developmental Psychology with a post-graduate certificate in psychological assessments.  In 2015, Dr. Parker completed a Doctorate of Education Degree in Counseling Psychology at Argosy University.  Dr. Parker currently sits on the Addiction Studies Advisory Board at Kennedy King College and has in the past in conjunction with the certification board, served as a test question developer for the addiction certification exam.  Dr. Parker began working for PsycHealtd, Ltd. in 2013 and currently serves as the Director of Clinical Care Processes.

Mitch Hall, Ph.D., RYT, PPA

Mitch Hall, Ph.D., R.Y.T., P.P.A., serves as the Holistic Health and Wellness Program Supervisor at PsycHealth Ltd.  Dr. Hall has many years of service dedicated to holistic healing.  With warmth, empathy, compassion, creativity, and respect, he helps counseling clients explore their wellness goals, lifestyles, relationships, values, needs, options, obstacles, strengths, and pathways to thriving. As appropriate, he integrates mindful breathing and movement, sensory awareness, visualization, sound healing, and meditation into counseling sessions. He has a B.A. in Religion from Columbia University, an M.A. in Sociology from the University of Chicago, and a Ph.D. (h.c.) in Alternative Medicines from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines. He has spoken at many professional conferences and published numerous writings in the fields of holistic healing, behavioral health, peace psychology, violence prevention, and the importance of secure attachment and nonviolent child rearing. He is a member of the Non-Killing Psychology Research Committee and of the Board of Directors of Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education. A registered yoga teacher, he first practiced yoga over 40 years ago and has been trained in tai chi, qigong, meditation, and other holistic traditions. A faculty member of the Niroga Institute’s yoga therapists’ training program, he has taught leading-edge scientific perspectives on the immune system, the nervous system, and trauma-sensitive yoga. During his career, he has gained rich life experience as a wellness counselor for disadvantaged, traumatized, inner-city youth; a Peace Corps volunteer teacher in Togo, west Africa; a peace and environmental movement organizer in Europe with the Fellowship of Reconciliation; a professor, adviser to international students, academic program director, and academic dean in higher education; a French-English interpreter for African refugees; a writer, translator, editor,  and storyteller; a father and grandfather; and more. He is fluent in French and conversant in Spanish.