Our staff listens.  Our staff connects our members with experts and caring providers.
We are proud of our providers, they are professionals who support your needs and recovery. They work for you!
Our web site is designed for your health and well-being. Always feel free to let us know how we can serve you better.
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Who We Are
PsycHealth is a managed behavioral healthcare organization. It was founded in 1989 by Dr. Madeleine Y. Gomez.  PsycHealth is accredited by NCQA.  PsycHealth has a history of excellence in care coordination, claims, and special programs. PsycHealth provides a full range of services for mental health and substance use recovery. The PsycHealth team and its providers speak many languages and come from diverse cultures. PsycHealth supports members with the best options for their care.
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PsycHealth Care Management, LLC. serves people in need. We coordinate care of Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial members. PsycHealth Care Management, LLC. has many best practice awards. PsycHealth promotes human rights, non-violence, and health services.
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Mission Statement
PsycHealth is committed to the preservation of fair and ethical services coordinated with compassion, consideration for those individuals seeking behavioral health treatment regardless of the individual’s culture/ethnicity, language spoken, gender, religion, disability, special or complex care needs, or sexual orientation.

Psychealth advocates for and upholds the rights of the child and the rights of the older adult- positioned against abuse of all types including child abuse, abuse of the elderly, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, domestic violence, and abuses of power.

Reduce the stigma of seeking and receiving mental health services and substance use disorder treatment.
As we help each person, we help our families, our friends, our communities and ourselves.

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Vision Statement
To establish and strengthen successful partnerships with practitioners, facilities, and businesses that align with our commitment to the wellness of individuals, their families, and the community through education, prevention, intervention, and treatment.
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