Members Resources

We are dedicated supporting our members.

We believe that compassion and consideration is of utmost importance.

Physical Health Resources

Your physical health is very important to us. Maintaining a healthy diet and having an active lifestyle will keep your heart and mind healthy. View our resources page to find more information.

Mental Health Resources

Your mental health is important to us. While stress can be a part of everyday life, ongoing symptoms of stress can affect the mental and physical health of one’s body. See our mental health resources page for more information.

Member Accounts

Members can create temporary or permanent accounts. A temporary account allows the member to search for providers and facilities. A permanent account allows the member full functionality of the system which includes: searching for providers and facilities; viewing claims and referrals; and requesting appointments with providers.

Member Portal Manual

If  you need help signing up for the Member Portal account or using your account please see our instructional manual. The PsycHealth Help Desk for Member Portal related issues can be contacted at: [email protected]. Please be sure to include your name and telephone number. All requests will be addressed within ten (10) business days.

More Member Resources

Healthy kids need good nutrition, exercise, a safe environment and a violence-free home and community. See our resources for children page for more information.

PsycHealth has case management and care coordination services for our members. We call our approach, Virtual Wards.  We additionally provide a Health and Wellness Program (HHWP), a telephone support program for our members.

PsycHealth has a language line vendor called LINGUALINX with access to over 150 language interpreters. For language assistance please dial 847-864-4961 and dial number 1 for translation and TTY services.

Advance directives play a significant part to ensure that needed and acceptable treatment and care are provided in a timely manner.  The Declaration for Mental Health Treatment (Declaration) is an Advance Directive. The Declaration is often overlooked and rarely discussed unless the patient is in a state of repeated or continual crisis.  This is a mistake.

In case of a clinical emergency or a mental health crisis please dial 911 or go to your nearest hospital for services.

PsycHealth Care Management, LLC. has ongoing quality programs and initiatives.  These are reviewed each year.  The reviews let us see what we are doing right or what we can do better.  We also look at complaints and satisfaction of our providers and members.   For more information, contact our Quality Department.

Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), you have the right to
request Protected Health information (PHI). PsycHealth will process requests via U.S. Mail to our Member Services Department.
All requests for PHI are screened in accordance and in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Your request should include:

Your Name

  • Your telephone number
  • Your mailing address
  • What information you are requesting (specify date(s) of service) and,
  • How you would like to receive it.

If you have further questions, our Quality Department staff can be reached at 847-864-4961.

Office Telephone:     847-864-4961
24 Hour Telephone:  1 800-753-5456
E-mail:   [email protected]
Office Hours:   8:30am – 4:30pm  Monday-Friday

Member Portal

The Provider Portal, also known as QC Portal, is a comprehensive managed care software that is highly flexible, easy to use and powerful. The software allows PsycHealth providers to verify eligibility, enter referral and authorization requests, submit claims and view the status of all data in real-time from any internet web browser.

Find a Doctor

QC Portal uses real-time data to search and preview provider information.

Find a Facility

QC Portal allows for searching for real-time facility data.


QC Portal can also display up-to-date claims history.


QC Portal additionally allows for viewing of referral history.

Appointment Request

QC Portal allows the user to request an appoint with a specific provider.