More Than Stress?

Your mental health is important to us and a crucial part of our managed care process. Please review the available resources below regarding the screening tools that are available in situations that are more than typical everyday stress.

We believe that compassion and consideration is of utmost importance.

Is it more than stress?

While stress can be a part of everyday life, ongoing symptoms of stress can affect the mental and physical health of one’s body. These sources are meant to serve as screening tools and are not meant to diagnose or treat mental health illnesses in any way. Visit your mental health practitioner or physician to assess if you need help.

Member Portal

The Provider Portal, also known as QC Portal, is a comprehensive managed care software that is highly flexible, easy to use and powerful. The software allows PsycHealth providers to verify eligibility, enter referral and authorization requests, submit claims and view the status of all data in real-time from any internet web browser.

Find a Doctor

QC Portal uses real-time data to search and preview provider information.

Find a Facility

QC Portal allows for searching for real-time facility data.


QC Portal can also display up-to-date claims history.


QC Portal additionally allows for viewing of referral history.

Appointment Request

QC Portal allows the user to request an appoint with a specific provider.